Clever. Brave. Strong.

Clever. Brave. Strong.

This poem was first printed in Icons & Idols by Fake Geek Girls Like Us
© Rebecca Diem 2017

It started with Cimorene

An improper sort of princess. A princess who chose her dragon, fought wizards, wielded magic, and refused to settle for anyone less than the love of her life.

And Leia.

A rebel. A leader. A woman of action who strangled her oppressor with her own chains, who made the hard choices, who always found a way to carry on.


A witch who led with mind and heart, wielding her intelligence as deftly as her wand. Sticking out, standing up, fighting for a better world.

Arwen. Rey. Diana. Belle. River. Zoe. Essun. Anne. Susan.

And I decided.

I could be clever. I could be brave. I could be strong.

I could be a princess too.

Rebecca Diem