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Happy Holidays From Rebecca Diem: The Adventures of Cat & Mouse #1

Merry Christmas Eve to you and yours! As a special treat for the holiday season, here is the origin story of Cat & Mouse, a short story I created for the Airmail newsletter. It’s the first in a new series of shorts following the exploits and escapades of your favourite sibling duo. My deepest thanks for being part of the extraordinary adventure I’ve had this year!

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Cat searched her bag for the last of the biscuits and came up with crumbs. She took a deep breath before uncorking the water flask and turning to her brother with a smile.

“Here you are! Just enough to wet your whistle.”

She dribbled some into Morris’ open mouth. He giggled and most dribbled down his chin. For the hundredth time that morning, Cat reminded herself that a toddler could not be counted on to understand the gravity of their situation.

“Now dinner!” he exclaimed.

“Not just yet, it’s hardly tea time silly boy. You wouldn’t want to spoil your appetite. Soon we’ll have a grand feast.”

“But I’m hungry now.”

“No, no, not yet. Here, want to play with the telescope again?”

Cat was very nearly at her wit’s end, but there was no time for despair. Not when they’d made it so far already. She helped Morris climb onto the musty armchair she’d pushed to the boarded-up window, peering between the slats at the bustling town below. In the distance, the new tallport stretched high into the air, with airships of every shape and size gliding to and fro. If only they knew which one they were looking for. 

From Haven to Hell Cover Art!

Welcome to the Haven, the home of the legendary Captain Duke and his crew of airship pirates. Many thanks to the very talented Sarah Dier-McComb!

New cover art for Tales of the Captain Duke: From Haven to Hell by Sarah Dier-McComb

New cover art for Tales of the Captain Duke: From Haven to Hell by Sarah Dier-McComb

“The brass was tarnished and the paintings worn, but the manor itself was well-kept. Lush occasional chairs and small tables dotted the hall and the landing as they made their way up a grand curved staircase to the second floor. Faded damask fabric hinted at a former glory, now settled into comfortable squalor in its senescence. Light filtered in through tall windows. The furnishings were threadbare, but the house retained a sense of life. It carried itself with the impression of stateliness, humble in its decline.” – Chapter 3, From Haven to Hell

Over the next month, I’ll be posting treats here for the lead up to the release of Book 2 – Tales of the Captain Duke: From Haven to Hell, including character bios, sneak peaks, and the cover reveal.

Stay tuned for the official release date and launch parties!

Rebecca Diem