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Five Years of the Tales of the Captain Duke: An Author Anniversary!

Origin of the idea for the Tales of the Captain Duke series

Five years ago, at 3:31 AM on October 20, 2012, I saved a little snippet of a story idea that would go on to change my life.

What’s remarkable is how unremarkable it is. The file is one of dozens in the folder that year. There were other ideas that were better developed, some that I had been working on for months or years already. But this one, this little seed of an idea, it grew into a whole series of steampunk novellas.

Five years later, I’m putting the finishing touches on the fourth book, Of Tempests and Teacups. Book tours and convention appearances have taken me all across Ontario. I’ve sold over 2,000 books now thanks to readers like you who took a chance on an indie author with big dreams.

The story idea changed, and so did I.

Some parts were always there, right from the start, like Clara’s desire for adventure, her cleverness, her desire for more. And the Captain Duke’s name, his other identity–those have been woven into the story from the very beginning, if you look.

A chance encounter brings them together, and through their journey I also got to meet Trick, Nessa, Captain Buchanan, Professor Sewell, Archie, and of course, our beloved Cat & Mouse.

I met fans, new friends, and fellow authors whose work I deeply admire.

And I am so thrilled to see what adventure the next chapter brings.

Thank you all, with all my heart.


Rebecca Diem

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