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Monthly Archives: February 2016

#AmWriting: The Search for the Perfect Cafe Writing Spot

A café orphan finds her new home…

A few months ago, I was coming off of a really intense period of events, interviews and travel while promoting the second book in my steampunk adventure series Tales of the Captain Duke, looking forward to writing Book 3 at my favourite café, Dark Horse Queen West. As I waited for my Americano-for-here-with-room-for-milk, my barista and I chatted about the lovely fall weather, the book tour, their classes…and then they dropped this on me.

“Yeah, I’m really going to miss this place. But the one I’m going to will be closer to school anyway.”
“Oh no, you’re leaving!?”
“Oh…this location is closing.”

Writing the Tales of the Captain Duke at Dark Horse Queen West

Farewell to thee…

It’s hard enough when one’s favourite baristas move on, but to lose them all at once? To miss my daily walks down Queen St.? To let go of this perfect little café where there’s just enough busy and just enough quiet and the space is filled with happy, creative vibes? My heart was shattered. I was in shock.

It was a common reaction among patrons of this particular café. But the realities of Queen St. West is that rent is pushing out many of the spaces cherished by our neighbourhood. But I’m not here to discuss the gentrification or whether it’s truly necessary to have ten eyeglass shops in a three block radius, I am here to discuss the terrifying dilemma of finding a new café.