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Podcast Interview: Moving Sideways

A year ago, just before I released the print edition of The Stowaway Debutante, a friend put me in touch with photographer John Meadows for my first steampunk photo shoot. Now, I’m pleased to share an interview I did for his podcast On the Log discussing steampunk, writing, historical research, airship technology and a few behind-the-scenes looks into the Tales of the Captain Duke.

And as a bonus, here are a few of the photos from our October 2014 steampunk photo shoot! I pieced the outfit together with a rented corset from Malabar and whatever I could find in my closet at the time. The props were designed by John, including this retrofuturistic cameraphone! The shoot was made using real film and an actual rolleiflex camera.

Definitely give it a listen…there’s a treat in particular for fans of dear Trick Killarney. 😉

Rebecca Diem

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