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Steampunk Fashion at Fan Expo Canada

I had an incredible time at Fan Expo Canada this weekend! I promise a longer post (or many) on the subject soon, but first I wanted to share the guest post I wrote for She Does the City on steampunk fashion and crafting your own steampunk style.

Author Rebecca Diem models a steampunk lookbook

A steampunk lookbook by Rebecca Diem

It’s been a wonderful year getting to know the steampunk community in my city and the folks at the Toronto Steampunk Society are some of the most welcoming, creative and inspiring people who I’m happy to call friends now. I was worried too when I first started to come out to events, and for any and all newcomers to the genre, my advice is to put yourself out there and join in the fun! The borders of steampunk are expansive and all are welcome.

Author Rebecca Diem at Fan Expo Canada 2015

Steampunk fashion at Fan Expo Canada 2015

My next event will be later this month at the Grand Canadian Steampunk Exposition in Niagara-on-the-Lake, ON. They have a whole weekend of steampunk programming that anyone with an interest in steampunk will love, and I’ll be doing a reading and Q&A on Saturday, September 26th at 2pm in The Monstrosity tent!

For those wanting to dress steampunk, you can check out the She Does the City post where I discuss how I put my four Fan Expo outfits together, or the many photos on the Toronto Steampunk Society Facebook group, or look online for inspiration!

Look to the skies!

Rebecca Diem

The Tales of the Captain Duke at Fan Expo Canada 2015

Upcoming Events:

September 26 – Grand Canadian Steampunk Exposition
Fort George, Niagara-on-the-Lake, ON, Canada
Reading at 2:00 PM Saturday in “The Monstrosity” Tent

September 27 – Word on the Street
Harbourfront Centre, Toronto, ON
Booth #102
11 AM to 6 PM

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