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Indie Publishing: Everyone Has a Story

I was so happy to share my experience with indie publishing at Toronto’s Small Talk 4.4! The theme was writing, in all its forms, alongside journalist John Chidley-Hill and poet Fan Wu.

My talk was about breaking down the barriers to publishing your own story, many of which are internal in this day and age. With the advances in self-publishing platforms, aspiring authors have more options than ever to share their work, and social media allows for a direct, open connection with readers.

I just celebrated my first year as an author. That night I finally hit *publish*? Abject terror.

My chest was gripped in a wave of anxiety as I questioned whether I was crazy to put my little story, The Stowaway Debutante, out into the world. Thankfully, I had friends and family to help me through that first day and all the rest.



I’m so thrilled to be joining Fan Expo Canada as part of their lineup of  scifi authors this year!

You can find me all weekend at Booth 4712 (North Building) with the Toronto Steampunk Society, and I’ll be appearing on the Steampunk Authors Panel: Words Driven by Steam on Saturday at 4:15 PM in Room 703 (South Building).

It’s my first major convention as a guest so come say hello and let’s celebrate all the fandoms together!

See you at Fan Expo!

Steampunk/SciFi author Rebecca Diem at Fan Expo Canada 2015

Steampunk/SciFi author Rebecca Diem at Fan Expo Canada 2015

Upcoming Events:

September 3-6 – Fan Expo
Metro Toronto Convention Centre, Toronto, ON, Canada
Panel: Words Driven by Steam – 4:15 PM Saturday in Room 703
Booth 4712 with the Toronto Steampunk Society

September 26 – Grand Canadian Steampunk Exposition
Fort George, Niagara-on-the-Lake, ON, Canada
Reading at 2:00 PM Saturday in “The Monstrosity” Tent

September 27 – Word on the Street
Harbourfront Centre, Toronto
11 AM to 6 PM

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