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Neil Gaiman on How Stories Last

Many thanks to my friend Tim for sending this my way. I spent the morning walking around, in transit and running errands, listening to Neil tell me stories about stories.

Let’s be real, I would be quite happy to spend days listening to Neil Gaiman tell me stories.

But this one is particularly beautiful and worth a listen when you have the time. This story speaks to the power of the stories we share, how we lie to find truth, how we learn and pass on those lessons to future generations, and why, according to Douglas Adams, books are sharks (and the best at it).

And of course, one of my favourite themes and something that’s been on my mind very much of late, how stories can help us live a thousand lives through others’ eyes:

Animals in fiction … are your first attempt to put your head into the “other” and to experience the other, the idea of another…

The most important thing that I think fiction does [is that] it lets us look out through other eyes … but it also gives us empathy. The act of looking out through other eyes tells us something huge and important, which is that other people exist. – Neil Gaiman

Everyone has a story.

Rebecca Diem

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