A Gentleman and a Scholar (Tales of the Captain Duke #3) is NOW AVAILABLE!

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Rebecca Diem at Can-Con 2017!

Thrilled to be attending the Conference on Canadian Content in Speculative Arts & Literature this weekend in Ottawa!

I’ll be reading Saturday afternoon and paneling on Sunday (see schedule below), but mostly looking forward to catching up with friends and talking sci fi & spec fic with fellow nerds. Maybe even visit a few favourite coffee shops while I’m in town?

Signed books will be available in the Dealers Room courtesy of Myth Hawker!

You can follow my adventures this weekend at @kthnxbex


A red-haired man stands in front of a large window in a library while looking out at an airship on the cover of A Gentleman and a Scholar

Some wounds run deeper…

After tragedy strikes, Clara and the Captain Duke must find a way to adapt and move on. With their trust shaken, they need to rely on new allies to save their friends… and discover who is behind the nefarious plot threatening their crew.

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I can say without reservation that it’s some of the best indie steampunk I’ve ever read, and I would recommend her to readers looking for high adventure in small packages
Mike Perschon, the Steampunk Scholar


A Gentleman and a Scholar Steampunk Book Launch Tour!

I am delighted to announce the launch of the thrilling third book in the Tales of the Captain Duke steampunk series, A Gentleman and a Scholar!

~~~A poster for the book launch tour of A Gentleman and a Scholar, featuring the book cover with a man staring out of a library window at an airship, and event dates and locations.


As of September 1 you will be able to purchase the book online and in select independent bookstores. On August 27, we’re throwing a special pre-release party in Toronto for fans and friends so you can be the first to get your hand on the print edition!

From Haven to Hell, a Tales of the Captain Duke Book Launch!

Rebecca Diem's From Haven to Hell Steampunk Book Launch

Book Launch for Tales of the Captain Duke: From Haven to Hell

I am so thrilled to present Tales of the Captain Duke #2: From Haven to Hell!

We had a great turnout at the Toronto launch party, with a reading, Q&A, book signing, and steampunk costume contest! Congratulations to the winners of the Silver Snail prize packs: Todd, Ana and Lori!

I also received my very first fan art of Cat and Mouse! Thank you to Steve Armstrong (also responsible for the Book 2 cover design), it means the world to me!

The biggest thanks to my family for ensuring the event ran smoothly, especially my parents and my sister and cover artist Sarah McComb. Prints of her artwork will be available at all appearances and the proceeds will fund her marine biology degree.

I will be uploading more pictures soon, but first it’s time to pack and prepare for Ottawa’s Prose in the Park this Saturday June 6! And there will also be a signing in Owen Sound on Friday, June 26 at The Ginger Press. For more details on all appearances, check out the Events page.

From Haven to Hell is now available online for Kindle and Kobo! You can order print copies as well. For more details on the Tales of the Captain Duke series, check out the Books page.

Well, readers, thank you for sharing my stories. And I can’t wait to get back to work on Tales of the Captain Duke #3: A Gentleman and a Scholar.

Rebecca Diem

From Haven to Hell Cover Reveal

From Haven to Hell Cover Reveal

I’m so pleased to share the cover for From Haven to Hell, the second book in my steampunk adventure series Tales of the Captain Duke!

Tales of the Captain Duke: The Stowaway Debutante

The second book in the steampunk adventure series Tales of the Captain Duke

The print launch will be held in Toronto on Sunday, May 31 at Tequila Bookworm (event link).

I’ll also be at Ottawa’s Prose in the Park literary festival June 6th! Check out the Events page for upcoming appearances. (Owen Sound, I’ll be visiting you as well this summer!)

Welcome to the Haven…

The adventure continues as the Captain Duke and his band of airship pirates return to their hideout to uncover the traitor in their midst. But Clara must decide whether she can trust her new friends before the secrets of her past are used to tear the crew apart.

It was a fine, cloudless day. A terrible day to mount an attack from the skies. But the weather could not be helped, and the Captain Duke and his crew could not delay this dreaded moment any longer. Clara’s knuckles were bone white as she clutched the railing of the airship. The land below was lush and green, with rolling hills bending into the distance, shrouded in the early morning mists. A ribbon of river could be glimpsed curving through the trees. The Lake District had always been known for its natural beauty, and now the forests and streams nestled in the valleys between the fells could be viewed in all their glory from above.

Clara wished she could enjoy the scene at her leisure, but regrettably, the circumstances of their visit prohibited such sentiment. The airship was battle ready, with armed gliders prepared to leap at a moment’s notice from the bow and stern. Soon they would reach the Haven, and the battle would begin…