A Gentleman and a Scholar (Tales of the Captain Duke #3) is NOW AVAILABLE!

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Interview: Rebecca Diem at Fan Expo Canada

I’m so thrilled with this interview by Off Beat Cinema at Fan Expo Canada 2016!

I was completely overwhelmed by the enthusiastic response to Tales of the Captain Duke #3: A Gentleman and a Scholar. It was just incredible to spend a weekend meeting and connecting with fans. Watch closely for a brief cameo by John Barrowman himself!

There is such an energy and joy to fan conventions, and I think this video captures it beautifully.


For interview requests, please do leave a note. You can find more interviews, guest posts and podcasts here.


Rebecca Diem, Author

Rebecca Diem. Photo by Britney Townsend

Rebecca Diem. Photo by Britney Townsend

One of my favourites from a recent photo shoot with Britney Townsend. Britney is doing a photo series featuring artists in their work environments. Mine, naturally, is a cafe.

NaNoWrimo, Writing Updates and Interviews, Oh My!

Dear Reader,

After a positively overwhelming month+ of events and happenings of varying degrees on the scale of “thrilling” to “OMG! I die”, I have returned to some semblance of normalcy. The primary difference being that there are many more of you encouraging me on my quest to finish Book 3! Delightful! (Current word count of the first draft is around 8,000 words and coming along nicely). 

Podcast Interview: Moving Sideways

A year ago, just before I released the print edition of The Stowaway Debutante, a friend put me in touch with photographer John Meadows for my first steampunk photo shoot. Now, I’m pleased to share an interview I did for his podcast On the Log discussing steampunk, writing, historical research, airship technology and a few behind-the-scenes looks into the Tales of the Captain Duke.

And as a bonus, here are a few of the photos from our October 2014 steampunk photo shoot!

Doctor Who Season 9: A Podcast Panel and Book Launch

Doctor Who Season 9: A Podcast Panel and Book Launch

Happy DOCTOR WHO Day! 

Reality Bomb - A Doctor Who Podcast

Check out the latest episode of Reality Bomb – A Doctor Who Podcast for my wild speculation on the new season.

Spoilers…one of my most dreaded fears has already been confirmed, but I still have the return of Osgood to look forward to! 

Steampunk Fashion at Fan Expo Canada

I had an incredible time at Fan Expo Canada this weekend! I promise a longer post (or many) on the subject soon, but first I wanted to share the guest post I wrote for She Does the City on steampunk fashion and crafting your own steampunk style.

Author Rebecca Diem models a steampunk lookbook

A steampunk lookbook by Rebecca Diem

It’s been a wonderful year getting to know the steampunk community in my city and the folks at the Toronto Steampunk Society are some of the most welcoming, creative and inspiring people who I’m happy to call friends now. I was worried too when I first started to come out to events, and for any and all newcomers to the genre, my advice is to put yourself out there and join in the fun! The borders of steampunk are expansive and all are welcome.

A Steampunk Author Goes to Owen Sound…

…and ends up on the front page!

Steampunk author Rebecca Diem on the front page of her hometown paper

Rebecca Diem on the front page of her hometown paper with her steampunk adventure series Tales of the Captain Duke

Thanks so much to Nelson Phillips of the Wiarton Echo for the write up! It’s so exciting to celebrate with my hometown, especially as I began writing the Tales of the Captain Duke while living in the area.

The book launch tour for From Haven to Hell was a resounding success! I am currently sipping tea and trying to recover my senses after such overwhelming displays of support in Toronto, Ottawa and Owen Sound. Thank you to all my readers, old and new, and everyone who helped make this incredible dream come true.

Rebecca Diem

The Tales of the Captain Duke are available on Amazon and Kobo, and at The Ginger Press Bookstore in Owen Sound. Don’t forget to sign up for Airmail to get monthly updates with bonus scenes, cast interviews and details on upcoming appearances!

The Origin Story of River Song

The Origin Story of River Song

This month on Reality Bomb – A Doctor Who Podcast, I had the pleasure of an invitation from Graeme Burk to choose an episode of Doctor Who for the Gallery of the Underrated. Naturally, being a River fan, I chose Let’s Kill Hitler.

I like this episode because it’s our first glimpse of River before she’s River Song. The nature of her story is that we meet her out of order, out of time. Our introduction is her ending, and so we never quite see her becoming.

I’ll let you listen to my defense in the episode (second to last segment, but the entire episode is genius. Listen for my dear friend and beta reader Lori Steuart defending Clara’s right to a proper story arc), but I just want to emphasize one point. I think this episode is about the power of love and the choices we make. Melody Pond overcomes all her terrible conditioning in order to save the man she was destined to murder, to choose love, to choose to become the Dr. River Song we know and love. In the end, our origin stories are made up of our individual choices and personal agency on the journey to become ourselves.

What did you think of the episode? Comment below with your thoughts!

A Doctor Who Review!

A Doctor Who Review!

The good folks over at Reality Bomb are running a Patreon campaign to help fund their (smashingly brilliant) Doctor Who podcast (link).

In January (Episode 19) I had the chance to join a panel review of this year’s Christmas episode. Check it out here and see what these whovians have to offer!