From Haven to Hell (Tales of the Captain Duke #2)

Welcome to the Haven…

The adventure continues as the Captain Duke and his band of airship pirates return to their hideout to uncover the traitor in their midst. Now that Clara has joined his crew, she must decide whether to trust her new friends before the secrets of her past are used to tear the pilots apart.

I loved this book even more than the first
Colleen (Goodreads)


It was a fine, cloudless day. A terrible day to mount an attack from the skies. But the weather could not be helped, and the Captain Duke and his crew could not delay this dreaded moment any longer. Clara’s knuckles were bone white as she clutched the railing of the airship. The land below was lush and green, with rolling hills bending into the distance, shrouded in the early morning mists. A ribbon of river could be glimpsed curving through the trees. The Lake District had always been known for its natural beauty, and now the forests and streams nestled in the valleys between the fells could be viewed in all their glory from above.

Clara wished she could enjoy the scene at her leisure, but regrettably, the circumstances of their visit prohibited such sentiment. The airship was battle ready, with armed gliders prepared to leap at a moment’s notice from the bow and stern. Soon they would reach the Haven, and the battle would begin…


There are few words I can use to describe the emotional roller coaster the second book has put me through, but dammit I would do it again!
Katherine (