A Gentleman and a Scholar (Tales of the Captain Duke #3) is NOW AVAILABLE!

Rebecca Diem at Ad Astra 2017!

I’m thrilled to be joining Ad Astra 2017 this year! Below you’ll find my schedule, details of my panels, and when you’ll find me reading and signing books.

Don’t miss the reading Friday night where I’ll be sharing an exclusive preview from Tales of the Captain Duke #4: Of Tempests and Teacups!

Books will be available for purchase through Bakka Phoenix in the Dealer’s Room.

You can keep in touch or follow along on Twitter: @kthnxbex

Ad Astra Sci Fi and Fantasy Convention

Ad Astra | May 5-7, 2017 | Sheraton Parkway North | 600 Highway 7 East | Toronto, ON



8:00 PM (Aurora) – Reading

11:00 AM (Richmond CD) – Historical Fantasy
12:00 PM (Richmond B) – The YA Revolution
3:00 PM (Suite 1070) – The Tesla Tea Service
5:00 PM (Markham AB) – Autograph Session
7:00 PM (Aurora) – Reading the Revolution

11:00 AM (Richmond CD) – Disrupting the Narrative
2:00 PM (Richmond B) – Star Wars/Carrie Fisher Tribute

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Reading – Rebecca Diem
8:00 PM – Aurora

Sneak Peek! I’ll be reading a couple selections from The Stowaway Debutante, A Gentleman and a Scholar, AND a special preview from the draft of Book #4: Of Tempests and Teacups!


Historical Fantasy
11:00 AM – Richmond CD

What is it and how does it differ from fantasy or historical fiction? What makes for good historical fantasy? What are some variations within this genre?

Panelists:  Jane Ann McLachlan, Guy Gavriel Kay, Steve Stirling, Rebecca Diem, Mike Rimar

The YA Revolution: Reinventing Sci-Fi/Fantasy for a new generation
12:00 PM – Richmond B

For the past several years, sci-fi/fantasy has enjoyed a renewed popularity in mainstream culture, as Y/A writers reinvent the genre for younger audiences. This panel will consider the contemporary phenomenon of Y/A sci-fi/fantasy: its history, its hallmarks, as well as some of the reasons for its newfound popularity. The future of sci-fi/fantasy will also be considered, as panelists speculate on the impact of this literary movement on the genre.

Panelists: L.E. Sterling, Rebecca Diem, Alyxandra Harvey, A.A. Jankiewicz, Deanna Laver, Amanda Sun

Tesla Tea Service
3:00 PM – Suite 1070

Join the Toronto Steampunk Society in an afternoon charity tea to benefit Autism Ontario and enjoy a selection of teas from Galaxy Teas. Experience a tea or parasol duel. Poetry, a variety of food, & prizes!

Signing – Rebecca Diem
5:00 PM – Markham AB

Limited copies of the Tales of the Captain Duke will be available for purchase through Bakka Phoenix in the Dealer’s Room.

Reading the Revolution
7:00 PM – Aurora

A generation raised on Harry Potter, the Hunger Games, and other tales of dystopian science fiction is uniquely positioned to deal with a world in which long-held global alliances seem posed to break down and the threat of nuclear war is dangerously close to making the leap from fiction to fact. What happens when real life becomes stranger than fiction? How does fandom shape our politics and political activism?

Panelists: Rebecca Diem (moderator), Leah Bobet, Alyxandra Harvey, L.E. Sterling , Amanda Sun, Selena Middleton


Disrupting the Narrative 
11:00 AM – Richmond CD

Science fiction and fantasy has the potential to transform our worldview. The inclusion of alternate perspectives and diverse characters help us to re-examine the past, present or future, in our universe or beyond. Inserting new experiences into old narratives shows the limitless potential of stories to inspire us. This panel will look at stories that shake up our perspective, from Steampunk and alternate history to dystopian fantasy.

Panelists: Rebecca Diem (moderator), Charlotte Ashley, Eli K.P. William, Cathy Hird, Vanessa Ricci-Thode, Carolyn Charron

Star Wars – without Carrie Fisher – what will the future hold? 
2:00 PM – Richmond B

The tragic loss of Carrie Fisher affected Star Wars fans across the world. This panel pays tribute to a great lady and a beloved princess and speculates on what the Star Wars universe might look like without her.

Panelists:  Amy De Ruyte, Rebecca Diem, Kari Maaren, Stephanie Cooper

Looking forward to seeing you at #AdAstra2017!

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