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NaNoWrimo, Writing Updates and Interviews, Oh My!

Dear Reader,

After a positively overwhelming month+ of events and happenings of varying degrees on the scale of “thrilling” to “OMG! I die”, I have returned to some semblance of normalcy. The primary difference being that there are many more of you encouraging me on my quest to finish Book 3! Delightful! (Current word count of the first draft is around 8,000 words and coming along nicely). 

I will post about the convention season soon, once I have my bearings again (my favourite coffee shop closed down, and I am but an orphan, searching the city for an Americano with milk in a setting with good writing vibes…I may need to do a post on my search as well), but for now I am embracing the creative drive that always comes this time of year as the frosty air sends us indoors to dream of spring.

On that note, I’ll be participating in NaNoWriMo again this year, as a rebel of course! Between TotCD: A Gentleman and a Scholar and a couple other projects, my plan is to write 50,000 wds overall and get back into a daily writing habit that was distressingly impossible with all the activity of the past few months. If you would like to be a writing buddy, you can find me as kthnxbex. (If you look at my previous novels, you can see an early draft of From Haven to Hell that is hilariously of course from the actual finished book. The process of writing a book, ladies and gentlemen).

Finally, more interviews! I really enjoyed this interview with Fake Geek Girls Like Us because I had the chance to discuss the distant reaches of my nerd-dom, including my excitement for The Force Awakens (all the shivers, all the squee). You can find my interview here, and a full roundup of interviews, guest posts and podcasts on the Media page!

That’s all for now!

Rebecca Diem

Nerding out about Star Wars with Fake Geek Girls Like Us!

A taste of my interview for Fake Geek Girls Like Us!

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