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Small Talk 4.4: Publishing – A Steampunk Author’s Story

I’m pleased to announce that I’ll be part of Toronto’s Small Talk series, sharing my experience with independent publishing and offering advice for aspiring authors this Wednesday, August 12, 7pm at Dragon Academy (35 Prince Arthur Ave. Toronto, ON) for Small Talk 4.4!

The event is PWYC and will also feature journalist John Chidley-Hill and poet Fan Wu, so anyone with an interest in writing is in for a treat.

Small Talk 4.4 ft. Rebecca Diem. John Chidley-Hill, Fan Wu

Small Talk 4.4 ft. Rebecca Diem. John Chidley-Hill, Fan Wu

One of the most common themes of the past year as an author and independent publisher has been hearing from people who also have stories to tell. Some are half-finished manuscripts buried in the back of the drawer, others are those ideas that catch in your mind and lurk in slippery corners, waiting for a chance that may never come. Everyone has a story, and with the current advancements in the publishing industry, everyone can share their story. 

I’ll be discussing some of the barriers that aspiring authors face, such as finding the right distribution platform for your writing, why it’s important to invest in a good editor and cover artist, financing the first printing of your book, how to market yourself as an author, how to organize a book tour, and the power of a good press release. I hope that by sharing my experience over the past year, other aspiring authors will feel more confident about taking that leap and sharing their own stories.

I think there’s so much potential for diverse, expansive stories to be told, from more viewpoints than ever before, in any format you can dream of. The only limit is your imagination.

So be courageous, share your story, and come out Wednesday to hear me talk about stuff. I’ll post the discussion here next week (with photos! Maybe glitter!), as the next few days will be filled with celebrations of the digital publishing anniversary of Tales of the Captain Duke: The Stowaway Debutante!

Rebecca Diem

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