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The Origin Story of River Song

The Origin Story of River Song

This month on Reality Bomb – A Doctor Who Podcast, I had the pleasure of an invitation from Graeme Burk to choose an episode of Doctor Who for the Gallery of the Underrated. Naturally, being a River fan, I chose Let’s Kill Hitler.

I like this episode because it’s our first glimpse of River before she’s River Song. The nature of her story is that we meet her out of order, out of time. Our introduction is her ending, and so we never quite see her becoming.

I’ll let you listen to my defense in the episode (second to last segment, but the entire episode is genius. Listen for my dear friend and beta reader Lori Steuart defending Clara’s right to a proper story arc), but I just want to emphasize one point. I think this episode is about the power of love and the choices we make. Melody Pond overcomes all her terrible conditioning in order to save the man she was destined to murder, to choose love, to choose to become the Dr. River Song we know and love. In the end, our origin stories are made up of our individual choices and personal agency on the journey to become ourselves.

What did you think of the episode? Comment below with your thoughts!

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